Green is totally in! Yey! :)

The green movement is all over tinseltown. Behind the fake veneers and freshly coiffed hair is a heart that cares, who’da thunk? The “green lifestyle” is no longer exclusive to tree-huggers and hippies. Some of the biggest and brightest stars of Hollywood have adapted eco-friendly lifestyles themselves, and when celebs do something..flocks of fans follow their footsteps.

The “I’m not a plastic bag” canvas bag became a big commodity in Hollywood. You would see stars like Keira Knightley, Jessica Biel, Petra Nemcova and Ivanka Trump carrying it around like Balenciaga purses.

Other celebs who have gone green in their own ways are: Leonardo DiCaprio, Sienna Miller, Natalie Portman, Adrian Grenier, Bono, Brad Pitt, Hayden Panettiere, Gwyneth Paltrow, Orlando Bloom (blushes) and Josh Hartnett (drools). They actively promote the green lifestyle and even go as far as donating millions of dollars and funding eco-friendly programs.

Another one of my favorite eco-friendly product: TOMS shoes. These canvas shoes are not just comfy, they are also very earth-friendly. But wait! There’s more — the company’s premise is ONE for ONE. They will give away a pair of TOMS to a child in need for each pair you purchase. Ain’t that nice? Will be buying a pair of red canvas TOMS myself soon! 😉

TOMS-loving celebs:

So what you waiting for? Start incorporating a greener lifestyle in your own little way. Erase your carbon footprint and make our planet a healthier place to live in. Please. Pretty please?

Lend a hand by clicking on the Social Vibe link on the right part of the page.  You will be able to support WWF and participate in a righteous cause. Don’t worry, it’s totally free! A few clicks won’t do you any harm anyway, so click away!


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