JLo Vs. Seacrest on American Idol

So we all know that Jennifer Lopez has secured her seat as an Idol Judge along with Steven Tyler but things are rumored to be heating up. The diva is said to be battling it out with another diva – Ryan Seacrest.

According to an insider:

“Ryan was the one who first suggested Jennifer, but now he’s starting to regret it, because she’s acting like she’s a much bigger star than he is. Ryan knows the diva behavior is likely to get worse before it gets better. Producers are trying to get them to make peace, but their egos are both pretty big.”

Hmmm… It seems that Seacrest doesn’t like it when someone steals his spotlight. People say they been fighting over everything, from dressing rooms to getting top billing.

Who do you think will win the feud? Seacrest out?


Charice Debuts on Glee’s Season Premiere

The much awaited premiere of Glee’s 2nd season has finally aired and millions of Gleeks worldwide tuned in to watch Charice Pempengco, an 18-year old Filipina, school Rachel Berry on singing.

Charice plays the new character Sunshine Corazon, a foreign exchange student from the Philippines who has unbelievable vocals. FYI: according to local news, she really insisted on playing her own race to bring pride to her country (which I’m sure is greatly appreciated by my fellow Filipinos).

The pint-size diva got Rachel all fidgety and insecure about her own talent, that she gave her audition directions to a crack house instead of the auditorium. As a result of the bitch-tastic move and also with a little help from Sue Sylvester, Sunshine chooses to transfer to Vocal Adrenaline.

I’m not sure how much of Charice we’ll be seeing on Glee but I’m sure a lot of fans are craving for more diva duets with Lea Michele. With the new additions to McKinley High (quarterback Sam Evans and that creepy mangirl Ms. Bieste, who I think will eventually become Sue’s BFF), Glee seems to be gearing up to becoming more epic than ever! 🙂

If you missed the season premiere, here is Charice’s awesome audition piece:

JLo signs on as the new Idol judge

Jennifer Lopez at ISC Miami.

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It’s finally confirmed! Jennifer Lopez had everyone hanging by a thread when she kept on changing her mind about being an Idol judge. The reality TV show is all about finding the best talents in America (duh?). Recently though, it has turned out to be more about finding the next judges to replace everyone who has left (everyone but Randy has gone, FYI).

JLo was reportedly having problems because she wants a $15 million dollar contract (demand much?), which FOX didn’t agree to. A month after her initial demands were turned down, she finally said yes and “settled” for a $12 million dollar contract. Probably realized that it was better than doing nothing at all.

The auditions for the 10th season have already started and the show is scheduled to air on January 12, 2011. Things will be much different with Simon gone. Fans and even haters will surely miss him.

Other celebs being considered to judge are: Shania Twain, Steven Tyler, Elton John, Harry Connick Jr. and Chris Isaak. The shortlist doesn’t impress me at all. Still hoping for Paula and Simon to come back on the show…

Taylor Swift’s Song for Kanye


Who could ever forget the embarrassing MTV VMA incident last year when Kanye grabbed the mic from T-Swift and basically announced to the whole world that Beyonce was more deserving of the moonman? What a douchebag!

This year, it was Taylor’s turn to diss him back. Instead of criticizing and grilling the jerk, she instead expressed sympathy for him through a somber song, which was written especially for Kanye.

Excerpts from the song entitled “Innocent”

“Every one of us has messed up, too. … I hope you remember today is never too late to be brand new.”

“Thirty-two and still growing up now; who you are is not what you did,” “You’re still an innocent.”

The egoistic rapper also performed with an “ode to douchebags”, with a line saying: “Let’s have a toast to scumbags.”

The sequel to Kanye and T-Swift’s debacle turned out to be one of the highlights of the show (apart from GaGa’s meaty outfit). Watch out for the next installment in their drama. Maybe next year they can perform together?

(photo source: http://justjared.buzznet.com)

Chelsea Handler’s VMA hosting stint a disappointment?

Chelsea Handler at LA Direct Magazine's "...

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We all know her as the alcoholic and rather offensive comedian who often yaps about sex jokes in her show. Chelsea Handler’s musings and jokes are sometimes controversial, plus she reportedly has an old sex tape (which she says she made as a joke). Not buying it!

Anyhoo, the raunchy comedian got the spot for hosting this year’s MTV Video Music Awards. Critics were, unfortunately, more than unimpressed by her performance. Both The New York Times and Washington Post agreed that she was “out-of-touch” with her punchlines.

The show, however, still had about 11 million viewers tuned that night. MTV fans turned out to be loyal despite the host’s disappointing performance. My take on it is to bring back Russell Brand or maybe have Kathy Griffin co-host with Chelsea. It will be fun to watch the two snarky girls have a go at each other!

Lady GaGa’s Meat Dress at the VMA’s

Lady Gaga has always been known to be a fashion-forward artist but the latest stunt she pulled off will surely have lots of people raising their eyebrows. Most celebs opt for classy pieces from the best designers when attending award shows. Lady Gaga’s choice of dress for the VMA’s, however, was meat…


She was clad head-to-toe in meat, with a matching meat purse arm candy. When funny gal Ellen DeGeneres asked her what the purpose of her meat dress was, she responded…

“Well, it is certainly no disrespect to anyone that is vegan or vegetarian. As you know, I am the most judgment free human being on the earth,”

“However, it has many interpretations but for me this evening if we don’t stand up for what we believe in and if we don’t fight for our rights pretty soon we’re going to have as much rights as the meat on our bones. And, I am not a piece of meat.”

PETA already released a statement condemning yet another GaGa stunt. We may never completely understand what’s going on inside that head of hers but heck, she still brought home 8 moon men that night!

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