James McAvoy to Play a Young Professor X

Scottish Actor James McAvoy at Hollywood Life ...

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The last installment of the hit film series X-Men was all about the history of the oh-so-hot Wolverine and since they’re big on pasts right now, the next one will be about the past of Prof. X.

James McAvoy signed on to play a younger (and hotter) version of Charles Xavier. And he plans on topping Patrick Stewart’s performance (ha! good luck on that!).

X-Men: First Class is currently still filming in London and will be released on June 2011. The movie will revolve around the then friendship of Charles Xavier and Erik Magnus Lensherr, better known as Magneto.  It will be revealing the full story behind the arch-enemies and how the X-Men saga began. The mutants (in their younger years) who are included in this film are: Cyclops, Beast, Jean Grey, Storm, Mystique, Toad and White Queen.

One thing I’m excited about is to find out how Professor X lost all his hair, which is said to be explained in the movie.


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