Ms. Richie’s New Book – Worth Reading?

The boho diva, Nicole Richie, recently blogged about the release of her second book. This is a follow-up to her first “fiction” novel – The Truth About Diamonds. Her first book chronicled the life of an adopted daughter of a rock n’ roll legend. The character Chloe Parker is also best friends with a fake blonde who is “famous for being famous”. Sounds familiar? 🙂

“I’m proud to finally announce that my second novel Priceless will be out this fall on September 28th, 2010″ she posted on her website.

Who knew this socialite turned supermom would ever become a New York Times best-selling author? She seems to be picking up so well from her past mistakes. With uber cute babies, a super chic fashion line and now a new book, Nicole Richie is seemingly on top of the world!


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